Friday, February 10, 2012

Notes in the Margins: Loviatar 7

Here is a bit of text that I added to the margins of my copy of  Loviatar #7 regarding the goblin cave: 

     Dwarves who visit the cave will note that it is not naturally occurring. It appears to have been created with picks, shovels and other mining tools. The technique employed was rather crude and definitely not the work of dwarves. In fact, the cave was created by knockers, the same kind of creatures that may have been encountered in Hex 001. 

     This addendum will tie in nicely with something I've prepared for Loviatar #8. 


  1. Are you mapping out the issues? As in planning roughly will appear in issue 9, 10, 11, etc?

    1. I really don't have much of a plan, although I do have some thematic elements that will guide the content. I wanted to make the notation regarding the knockers because I think that some of the underground spaces the PCs explore will be leftover digs from those crazed, dirty little bastards.