Issues 13+

Loviatar no. 13; August 2012; $4.50
Clara Houston, the self-styled Queen of Las Vegas, throws the most amazing parties. PCs, playing the role of party guests, are novice Lords of Creation characters. They have been invited to one of Clara's soirees to see if they can handle themselves at "court." The rules are lax at Clara's house and there is only one cardinal sin: Don't be boring.

     In this issue, Clara's sprawling home with it's nonsensical, haphazard layout is detailed. PCs will meet a fun, ecclectic group of party guests that include Kevin Sorbo, Captain Jim Brass from CSI: Las Vegas, a vampire, a werefox, a cyborg, an elf and many others. After role-playing the cocktail party, PCs should come away with new contacts and more than a few adventure seeds to pursue.

     Loviatar no. 13 is produced in digest format with a cardstock cover. It is 20 pages long and is printed in black and white on 24 pound, bright white paper.

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