Saturday, February 11, 2012

Loviatar no. 8 Progress Report: Mushrooms!

Copyright Jay Penn, 2012

Everly Moss is an enterprising halfling. He sells hallucination-inducing mushrooms that he grows in piles of otyugh dung down in his cellar. Customers come from as far as the Freecity of Haldane to purchase them. Jay Penn just sent me this spot illustration to accompany Everly's entry and I love it. Perfect!


  1. Oh come on now. Now you are just being silly. I like halflings and all but everyone knows a good halfling hallucinator doesn't use otyugh dung! They use Myconid dung!


    1. I think it would be funny if some of the magic mushrooms became sentient and wandered off. "Get back here, you! I'm a eat-cha!"

  2. The first thing that crossed my mind was...

    Did he collect the otyugh dung himself, or did he buy it?

    The second thing I thought of was...

    How much would he pay for a bag of otyugh dung?

    The third thing? Man, his basement must reek...