About the Zine

When was the last time you received something in your mailbox that you actually wanted? Other than the occasional Amazon purchase, our mailboxes tend to be jammed with a never ending torrent of junk mail and bills. Zines - print zines - are a throwback to the days when people communicated in print.
tools of the trade

     Zines are humble affairs. They're not flashy, polished, nor published for profit. Zines are written because their creator has a passion and he or she wants to share that with others. Nevertheless, zines do cost a bit of money to produce and mail. Loviatar carries a price tag of $4.50. Of that amount, $3.75 goes toward printing, mailing and PayPal fees. The remaining 75 cents is saved for eventual freelance fees, expanded page counts or perhaps an annual color cover.

     While blogs are a wonderful tool for connecting with people who share similar interests, there's an anonymity to the process. It's easy to insult someone from the safety of an avatar with a codename. It's harder to actually sit down, write a letter and drop your anger in the mailbox. Zines are a much more personal and direct way to communicate. You might read and forget a blog post. You're more likely to save a favorite zine for years.

     The traditional zine format has been the digest, which usually sports a cardstock cover and is stapled along the spine. Page counts, the means by which the zine is laid out and the methods of printing vary, but creativity and an earnest desire to share and communicate are universal. 

     Loviatar is my effort to continue the tradition of print zines. I put a lot of effort into each issue and I sincerely hope that its arrival in your mailbox brightens your day.

     If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at christian.writes.zines@gmail.com.