Thursday, November 3, 2011

QR Codes in Loviatar No. 5

I am thinking about some ways to have a bit of fun in Loviatar No. 5 by using QR codes. QR codes are images that you can scan with a smartphone app. They can embed text, images, and urls. My idea is to sprinkle an article with "easter eggs" that somehow enhance the content.

     In other news, Jay sent me a catoblepas illustration. It looks so awesome! While the Trampier drawing from the Monster Manual is the iconic presentation of the hideous beast, Jay's effort is pretty freaking epic. It presents the monster in a unique way that should avoid infringing upon WotC's style.


  1. A QR code sort of looks like a dungeon map.

  2. I was thinking that they look like a dungeon, too. I can also post the QR codes to this site so that folks without a smart phone can still decode them via web-based apps.

    Rock on,

  3. When we were running Changeling, it was always great when our sessions approached that degree of weird, since the tag line of Changeling is, "a game of beautiful madness."

  4. Yo Christian, 2 things.

    1) Howse do I get on the Loviator subscription list? I've been waiting until i got settled in PA, and now I have a normal address. Drop me a line at spawnofendra at googleything daught com.

    2) The QR code idea is pretty cool! You might check out this post I did a while back for some ideas. They look like maps to me.

    Rock it!