Sunday, November 6, 2011

Loviatar No. 5 Progress Report: Moving On

The hex crawl article has been sent off to Cameron for editing. He missed out on the last issue, so I wanted to make sure he remains part of the team. The artwork for the article is finished and all the maps have been scribbled. All that remains is for the article to be laid out.

     In the meantime I'll move on to the GURPS article. It will be a lot of fun to write. The Masters just really don't get humanity and the blunders they make can be truly frightening.

     I suspect that this issue will be a 20 pager, which is great. Twenty pages is what I originally budgeted for and the 24 page issues have stretched the dollars and cents a bit.


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  2. Argh! Curse you and your imaginative creativity! Curse your ability to keep a monthly schedule! Now I am compelled to rob the kids' piggy bank again!

    --Quite looking forward to it, actually. Shifting around my discretionary income to sandwich in a subscription.

  3. Right on, Boric. Staying on schedule is my way for forcing myself to stop messing around so much and to actually be productive. Lo, how I do love to squander time.