Monday, December 19, 2011

Loviatar No. 6 Progress Report: Almost There

Copyright Jay Penn, 2011
It's just about done, my friends. All of the artwork is in and everything has been written. As soon as the edited articles arrive in a day or two, I will do layout, give everything a final review and get this issue off to the printer. I plan on having it in the mail on Friday the 23rd.

     One hang-up has been the issue of game mechanics for the "This Is LA" article. While part of me wants to stat the NPCs in Chaosium's BRP, the rest of me wants to challenge myself with FATE, as presented in the Dresden Files rpg. This really is a pickle for me and will likely be decided at the last moment. I've statted the article for both systems but need a few more days to decide how I want to proceed.


  1. It's exciting sometimes to be so close to done. Hope your decision comes to you soon. Happy gaming. Happy eating.

  2. If it wouldn't have a great effect on the page count, couldn't you stat both ways? I know that it's easy for me to say.... (grin)

  3. Look forward to another excellent issue!