Sunday, July 24, 2011

Loviatar No. 1 Playtest Report

Yesterday I had a chance to put some of the content in Loviatar No. 1 to use. I wanted to see what worked, what didn't and in which whacky direction PCs would take things. Below are some highlights:

1) One of the PCs spied Roger the Expert checking the door knob on a PC's house (page 4). Rather than getting angry. the PC befriended Roger and is relying upon him as a contact in the neighborhood.

2) Similarly, the PC who owned the small house with loft (page 3) was very accommodating and welcoming when Nicole and Recks came to call.

3) The vault with the Gelatinous Cube (page 9) provided quite a bit of entertainment. In an unexpected twist, the PCs wondered if they could use it as a "body disposal chute." I did not see that coming. When Tara (page 12) came to store an item in the vault, the PC who own the warehouse thought about picking the lock on the small chest to see what was hidden. I hadn't thought about that eventuality, either. Perhaps people who store goods in the vault should bring their own locks with high Disable Device DCs.

4) The PC who owns the tavern (page 17) wants to get it up and running again. I have to figure out a set of rules to govern running a small business.

5) The PC who owns the ground level flat helped a sick baby (see encounter of page 15). The PC is intrigued by the goings on at the shrine of Umberlee and wants to investigate.

     All in all, the material was well-received by the players and there is still plenty of ideas left to explore. Table of contents typo and title blunder aside, the content is solid and I hope it is enjoyed by the readers. Done miss an issue. Be sure to subscribe today!

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