Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stuck in a Meeting Doodle

I am sure I can fit this is in somewhere. I'm just not sure when and how. I'm pretty sure the tentacled eye atop the pillar can teach people spells, the casting of which causes them to gradually go insane. When they are reduced to a gibbering mess, they return to the cavern. They undergo a transformation whereby their eyes meet in the middle of their face and expand into a single, ocular orb. Their limbs either mutate into wings, spindly spider legs or tentacles. The tentacle beasts become water guardians, the spider eyes patrol the tunnels, while the flying eyes feed above-ground images telepathically to the giant, tentacled eye atop the pillar. The ruins must belong to the society that once worshipped the eye. Or perhaps the eye was once a powerful sorcerer who underwent a transformation. Or maybe its Detroit. I don't know yet.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, man. I have been tripping on Call of Cthulhu, so I look forward to seeing what I can do with this map and that system. :)

    2. I am to. I could use a dose of Cthulhu.

  2. Awesome.

    And I'm pretty sure it may be Detroit.