Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Form Follows Function

The fellas and I are meeting this weekend to talk about the kind of campaign we'd like to run. One of my ideas is set in Perrenland's Traft, which rests on the shore of Lake Quag. If we go with that idea, then you'll see much of the town in future issues of the zine.


  1. Looks great, I have been enjoying the 'zine immensely!

  2. Absolutely no griping from me re: town materials. I always love new town stuff.

  3. Would absolutely love to see you flesh out a town in the zine!

    (Let's hope you and the players can come to terms on a game everyone will be enthusiastic about.)

    1. I second that, love the town map and the depth of your NPCs means this town would be filled to the brim with awesome folks for players to meet. Looking forward to it.