Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loviatar no. 9 Progress Report; Maps!

This map shows the hexes that have been presented so far in relation to one another.

     This is Hex 005, which is a wilderness hex. I can never leave well enough alone, so the wilderness is actually quite packed.

     This is the owlery that was supposed to be "area c" on the Hex 004 map. It is now "area b" in Hex 005.

     Willum the Ravenous has built a cottage (1) next to a leaning tower (2). Beneath the tower (3) knockers toil in an effort to topple it. PCs who enter the mines are in for a mind-bending experience. I wrote a bit about it at destination unknown.


  1. Ditto, look forward to hearing more about these knockers.

  2. Interested to see your hex project. While I'm a tiny bit out of date having not played D&D since about 1980, I have always been fascinated with the wilderlands and mapping the unknown world(s) more than dungeons (but one has to make money somehow I guess). I am curious about how you came to choose 6.2 miles as a master hex size and the 10 .62 hexes per... of course if one must buy the product to learn this, then just say so!

    1. Hi Bill,

      The larger hex maps are 10 hexes across from north to south, so I simply decided that each one was 1,000 meters, making each hex 10,000 meters across (north to south), which scales roughly to 6.2 miles. It's not the most exact measurement, but it works well enough for the math challenged like myself. :)