Saturday, April 28, 2012

Loviatar no. 11 Progress Report; Research

I've been to some wonderful places on Earth, but I've never been east of Michigan. As a result, the Call of Cthulhu series that will debut in Loviatar no. 11 is going to be set on the west coast. I just have no concept of what New England is like. Instead, we'll be exploring northern California. The cold, foggy coast, rugged mountains and redwoods that march to the sea have always captured my imagination.

     I've been brushing up on the history of my favorite corner of the the state - Humboldt County - while at the same time studying the rulebook. Wow. What an intelligent, clear and inspiring set of rules. I love the emphasis on thoughtful, careful play and the focus on investigation and discovery.

     As I put my notes together, I think I will approach the series by combining elements of Loviatar nos. 1 and 2 with the detailed bios of the World of Darkness NPCs. Specifically, I will develop a few NPC-rich locations to provide the investigators some opening drama and role-playing. Later, I will develop additional NPCs/beasties/mysteries and discuss how they might be used in play.

     I'm not so good at self-contained scenarios, so I will avoid those kind of things. Besides, I think my players and I lack the focus to stay engaged with any kind of lengthy investigation. Beyond the Mountains of Madness would never work for us. ;)

    In other news, Loviatar no. 10 has been sent away for editing. I think we'll see a shipping date of Friday, May 18. I hope that because I am working in Loviatar no. 11 now, we'll see a mailing date for that issue rather early in June.



  1. You are a machine. Sounds great Christian.

    1. Thanks, brother. One nice things about living in the hood is that I am afraid to go outside. Therefore, I have lots of time to write. ;)