Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hex 001 in Action

We got together today to do a bit of gaming. Each of the hexes from the hex crawl series were printed out and presented to the group. Naturally, we began with Hex 001.

     Master Cylinder guarded the snacks. Sugar and salt - always a great combo!

     The party consisted of a Thief, Fighter and Magic-User. The players created some great backgrounds and each character was played with quite a bit of flair. One player observed that the simplistic nature of the game mechanics really allowed for a great deal of narrative play.

     Miss Ballerina Heartman ignored the whole affair. She was happy to lay in an open window and take in the sun.

     The group went looking for the winged cat and tarried too near the ruins of the original Iron Door. Knockers emerged from the earth and itched for a fight. The Thief initiated the conflict and was soon slain. The Fighter stood his ground and beat back the wicked little fae with a bit of support from the Magic User.

     The slain Thief is depicted here, her corpse nailed to the offering tree at the southern edge of the hex. Everyone had a great time, so it would fun to press on and to explore the other hexes. The players are interested in pursuing a few different leads. They want to see if there is a way to domesticate the catoblepas. They also want to learn more about the winged cats and to see if they can be trapped and sold. They also want to learn more about the knockers.

     We'll see what the future holds!


  1. Rules for surviving and Olde School game as a level 1 Wizard:

    Rule 1: Run away;
    Rule 2: See rule 1.

    1. Letting the party's Thief take the pick axe to the chest instead of you is also a good strategy.

  2. True. I look forward to investigating as many knockers as I can.