Friday, March 9, 2012

Loviatar no. 9 Progress Report: The Lineup

I'm all caught up with last month's orders, so it's time to get rolling on the April issue. No. 9 will present Hex 005. This hex will lay due north of 004. It's a wilderness hex that will contain the nest of the giant owl that was introduced in Hex 003. The hex will also contain Morgan Stringman's cottage (Hex 004). Finally, there will be something of a mini-dungeon. Morgan located some abandoned multi-level knocker tunnels and who knows what's lurking in them, but it can't be good.

    The second article in the issue is a bit of a toss up at the moment.
     Option A is an article for the "This is L.A." series powered by Basic Roleplaying. Reginald Cramer and his crew are going to tangle with some creatures that have literally been spawned by the nightmares of children. Mayhem awaits!

     Option B is another installment of the "A Lonely Dance on a Cold, Northern Shore" series for Vampire: The Requiem. While not a popular choice, it's one that I'm feeling a bit more as the article is pretty clear in my mind.

    Interestingly, some astute readers have picked up on the similarities between the Hex Crawl and the structure of a World of Darkness chronicle. There's a lot of WoD in those hexes. :)

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