Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loviatar no. 8 Progress Report: How does this even happen?

Something is wrong with me.

     I planned to write a 2,500 word Hex 004, so that I would have room to pick up where I left off with the X-plorers and Vampire: the Requiem material. Well, the hex has ballooned to 5,669 words and will require about 500-750 more words to finish

     How does this even happen?


  1. Looking forward to seeing the major hex writeup! :)

  2. ..betcha won't! ;)

    Can you just split it? If anyone is on the fence as to renew their subscription...they might just renew. ;) It's all in the marketing my friend, all in the marketing.

    1. I think it will fit. I'LL MAKE IT FIT! Heh. This issue will have a bit less interior art, so that will certainly help. One of the illustrations is going to be so rad. Jay is working on one of those little gnomes riding a freaking badger! Rargh! Honey badger don't care!

  3. Whenever I write something, it always goes in a direction I never expected. The characters and the entire plot/story takes on a life of it's own. Which isn't always a good thing.