Friday, January 27, 2012

No. 7; February 2012

The hex crawl continues! This month we head north from the area described in Loviatar #5. Lavishly illustrated by Jay Penn, "Hex 004" offers adventurers a richly detailed experience. PCs can visit Combe, a predominantly halfling village, where a basilisk is loose! The monster hunters who brought the beast to town have been apprehended, but who will subdue their errant prize while the sheriff is away?

     Characters can investigate a cave where a group of thieveing goblins have taken up residence. Although the villagers assume they are a mere annoyance, others are concerned that the goblins are just the beginning of a much larger problem.

     While in the village, the party may witness a massive, rock-like humanoid striding through the darkness. What is it and why do the villagers worship him like a god? It's rumored that the villagers make offerings to "The Stone Man" in the form of crystals, gold and minerals. Perhaps pilfering the shrine is an easy way to acquire wealth?

     For the truly daring, a dense, tangled wood is home to numerous basilisks. While venturing too deep into the woods is suicidal, there are petrified remains of those who have been turned to stone. These morbid curios can be sold for quite a bit of gold.

     Maps, creative random encounters and numerous NPCs will make Hex 004 a memorable experience. The material, which is keyed for basic D&D, can easily be converted and dropped into nearly any fantasy setting.


  1. Awesome! Cannot wait and will be checking the mail everyday!

  2. I admire your creativity and dedication. If I might be so bold as to ask (no doubt) a much repeated question: how did this all start?

    1. It started about 10 years ago when I decided to write a zine of my own. I had read zines about music, politics and DIY topics, but had not come across any rpg rags. I started with Scrollworks, then went on to Iridia and now Loviatar. :)

  3. Hey, I got #7 and it's great! Love that hex crawl. Thanks for putting this out.