Monday, January 23, 2012

Loviatar no. 7 Progress Report: Cover Illustration

Jay sent me the cover illustration for Loviatar no. 7 and I couldn't be more pleased. He managed to include so many elements from the issue's contents into the drawing. I think this is going to be an amazing issue. 


  1. Hi Christian - I sent you a message about the subscription service. But Blogger has been acting weird so I'm not sure if the Google Message was even sent to you.

    Long story short, If someone wanted could they start their 6-issue subscription with a prior issue (say, #5) or would it need to start with the current issue? If it needs to start with the current issue, would that be #6 or #7?

    Thanks! George

  2. Hi George,

    If you would like to start your subscription with #5, that would be just fine. :) I can send you #5 and #6, then #7 will follow next week.

    Talk to you soon,

  3. Order placed! Thanks for being flexible. I'll probably buy #1-4 at some point soon.

    1. Exellent, George! You have a hell of a blog by the way. I really enjoy it. :) I just may have to use that Vile Earthworm. While worms are always a welcome sight in my garden, they still freak me the hell out.

  4. Thanks Christian. Looking forward to the zines!