Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loviatar No. 7 Progress Report: Art

Copyright Jay Penn, 2012

Jay sent me a few pieces of art for the next issue. First up are offerings for The Stone Man, an earth spirit that watches over the village of Combe. In Hex 003 the PCs may encounter a pilfering dwarven prospector, who is in the process of helping himself to the Stone Man's gifts. When the earth spirit rises out of the ground, the PCs will have to choose which side of the fight they are on. 

Copyright Jay Penn, 2012

     A giant owl patrols the sky above Hex 003. He has already picked off one or two halflings and will do so again if the opportunity presents itself. The PCs will have a chance to plunder the owl's lair in Hex 004. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, celt. Jay said he modelled it after a tawny owl.

  2. I think those gems and treasure look fantastic.

    1. Thanks! The idea is that the earth spirit "consumes" the offerings much like a gourmand savors new dishes.