Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Third

I don't get out very much, but my mail does. One third of the zine's subscribers live outside the US. The lady at the post office always marvels at the addresses on the the envelopes when I buy postage. Ireland, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, England...

     She pretty much hates her job as well as Los Angeles and is thinking about hand delivering some of the envelopes if she could sleep on the recipient's couch for a few nights.

    I'm just giving you a heads up. Don't be surprised if later this month there's a knock on your door and you find a middle-aged lady with a suit case and your copy of Loviatar #6.


  1. Thinking ahead a bit, how do we know when our subscription will end? Will you notify us that we need to renew?

  2. I'll send you a one month to go notice as well as a final notice. :) Next month - the six month mark - is going to be a big month. I have my fingers crossed for a high percentage of renewals.

  3. Awesome. I have a buttload of money to spend on a renewal. :)