Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Loviatar No. 6 Progress Report: Rats, Paper and Word of Mouth

The sixth issue is coming along nicely. With the help of Google Maps, I found a compound in the ass end of Los Angeles where freakishly huge rats are grown and sold by an illegal immigrant. The rats are purchased by some pretty shady characters. Among them is a social misfit and sometimes monster hunter named Jimmy.

     I'm on the fence about using Chaosium's Basic RolePlaying to build Jimmy and the rats. I need to spend some time with that thick rulebook to see if it has the tools I need to build monsters and NPCs.I feel like it's a matter of choosing between a 300 page rulebook I know very well (GURPS) and one I don't know at all.

    In other news I want to thank all of you for helping to spread the word regarding the zine. I love seeing Loviatar mentioned via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on blogs. The zine relies upon word of mouth to get issues out the door and you people are really helping! 

    Finally, the missus put me on restriction from surfing (what do you mean you shouldn't paddle out in 57 degree water with a chest cold?) so I went to Office Max after work. I bought some 24 pound, 96 bright paper. This will add 10 cents to the cost of printing each issue, but I think it's worth it. It seems like a waste to put hard work onto dingy, 20 pound budget paper.


  1. BRP is a big tool box; everything you need is in there, but you won't need everything in there.

  2. What... were people doing with the rats? Could they not find their own big, ugly, diseased rodents?

  3. These are some hefty, 20 pound mutants fed on a steady diet of stray cats, chickens and the occasional corpse. Good stuff!