Monday, December 12, 2011

Loviatar No. 6 Progress Report: 11 Days!

I'm shooting for a mailing date of Friday, December 23 for Loviatar #6. Things are looking good for that deadline. All three articles have been written and all that is left to do is to crunch some stat blocks and scan a few maps. Art and editing will take a little while, but all in all the issue is progressing nicely.

     Looking ahead to your receipt of the issue, you have a few homework assignments.

     The first is to start thinking about some ways to award experience points for exploration. While writing Hex 002 it occurred to me that advancement would be very slow due to the limited gold and foes encountered. It seems fair that in a hex crawl PCs would get experience for, well, crawling through hexes. I'm not sure what to set as an award, but I'm leaning toward 200 xps per PC for each hex explored. If you use the hexes in play, your PCs might ask for ways to advance based upon exploring the mysterious unknown.

    Your second assignment is to make sure you have a Facebook account. The NPCs that are going to be introduced via the Basic RolePlaying "This is LA" series of articles will have their own Facebook profiles. If you have a Facebook account, you can view their profiles, leave comments and so on. You will be able to scan QR codes in each issue to access the profiles. If you don't have a smart phone, I can send you the links via e-mail. Alternatively, you can create a profile for a fictional denizen of LA. Perhaps your persona will make it into an issue of the zine!


  1. I had this nice, long comment written, and I lost my connection. Oh well, here's the gist...

    If it's a civilized hex they haven't explored before then they should only get 25 to 50 xps. Maybe even less for riding down a farm country road. Increase the point value based on how dangerous exploring the hex is. If it's an extremely dangerous hex, like say, the "Forest of Doom", then up to 300 points might be in order. If the PCs are exploring the Elemental Plane of Fire then perhaps even more? I guess it's the concept of high risk equals high reward.

    I've always though Rolemaster handled "Travel EPS" well. Do you have any RM books? If not I can scan the bits that might be of interest and email it to you. I'll also email you my fb info.

  2. I know that it's too late for issue #6, but I posted a recent piece over on my blog about Loviatar and its contents.

  3. That's right! Someone somewhere mentioned that Rolemaster had sweet travel xp rules. I need to hunt down a copy, I guess. :)

    Having read your post, I think a revision of my flat 200 xp is in order. :)