Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loviatar Number 5 Progress Report: Back to Twenty

I feel that this issue is coming to a close. Most of the hard work has been done. Two articles are still out for editing and there's art inbound, but the nuts and bolts of crunching stat blocks, drawing maps and simply producing text and ideas is done.

     This issue will be twenty pages. That's the page count I originally budgeted for, so I'd like to watch the pennies as closely as I can. Some issues contain ideas that need more room and they will be given all the space they need. This issue doesn't need as much space, allowing me to stay on budget.

     With things finally coming to a close, I may be able to get this issue out in the mail late next week.


  1. Looking forward to the new issue! We even bought a new sofa since last time, so I'm eager to continue my read-Loviatar-in-the-sofa-ritual and maybe even bring it to a new level of comfort.

  2. What program do you use to layout Loviatar? I can't really tell from the photo...

  3. AAAND I've subscribed. I'm going to have to do like Jensan and find a good place to hunker down and read.... My office chair just ain't comfy enough.

    Maybe I need a giant-sized bean bag chair.

  4. Z: I use MS Publisher. It is no frills, but works well enough.

    Jensan: the missus and I are also proud new couch owners. Enjoy the read!

    Boric: welcome aboard!