Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Loviatar No.5 Progress Report; Almost There...

Jay Penn illustration
Friends, we are almost done. The envelopes have been addressed and stamped. The articles are back from the editors and have been laid out. All ads have been received and the card stock for the covers has been purchased. Jay is putting the finishing touches on the cover and an interior illo. If it weren't for Thanksgiving, this issue would probably be in the mail on Friday. Due to the feast day, look for the December issue to go out in the post on Monday.

     I am very pleased with this issue and hope that you will enjoy it as well. There's a little something for everybody - GURPS, Basic D&D and World of Darkness. Good stuff!


  1. always an amazing gift to behold :)

  2. Hooray!
    I have time to work on my sofa's butt-groove for some Loviatar-browsing. Plus, there shouldn't be any more football to distract from the digest.... Can't wait.