Sunday, November 27, 2011

Loviatar No. 6 Progress Report: Tentative Line-up

It's time to get back to work!

     To stay within the budget, Loviatar #6 will be 20 pages. I'm hoping to include three articles, each supporting a different system. First up will be some Moldvay-era Basic D&D. I plan on scribbling "Hex 002", which will be a follow up of last issue's hex crawl. My plan is to integrate some of the ideas from the old Iron Rations series of articles I penned a long time ago. All of the hexes will be set in the same region as the Freecity of Haldane, which will be available for purchase in early January.

     Next up will be a few Kindred from the city of Santa Fina. I had thought about bidding "A Lonely Dance on a Cold, Northern Shore" a fond farewell, but changed my mind. I like vampires. A lot. One of these days I'd like to run a Vampire chronicle, so hopefully the series will be good prep for that eventual venture.

     Finally, I am going to wade into some uncharted waters. I am wholly unfamiliar with Basic RolePlaying, but it might be nice to give it a shot. A long time ago I had come up with some characters for a modern/weird Los Angeles game, so it might be neat to see what I can do with that concept, but using a new system.

    I think it should be a darn fine issue. :)


  1. I love the hexes. Most of the articles in Loviatar are good for inspiration, but the B/X-compatible material I can use directly. Also, looking forward to the Haldane product (this is the first I have heard about it). It has been on my list of RPG products to investigate for a while, and I was worried that I would need to find a copy of Iridia 87.

  2. Last summer the draft for the Freecity (currently a 48 page digest) was proofread by a few different fellows. Now I just need to implement the suggested changes and make it available to anyone interested.

    Take care,