Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reverse Mail Call: New Stationary

I got some new stationary, so I scribbled a letter today. I poked my head back into the blog-o-sphere and Google+ last weekend, but it was a bit...tense.

     If I understand everything correctly, WotC is going to come to your house and light your copy of OSRIC on fire. And kick your dog. This letter is my way of shutting all of that out just a bit and putting my head back down again.

     If you want this letter, it's yours. You just have to write back. Responses need not be coherent, since my letters usually lack that quality.


  1. Christian:
    I'd be more than happy to write back and I'll even try to keep it coherent. You've got my e-mail; I'll shoot you my snail mail address.

  2. Only if it involves Rust Monster artwork it seems. Otherwise, WotC is still the sleeping giant ;)

  3. Boric: Will do!

    Tenkar: I'm still scratching my head over that whole deal. It just seems so out of the blue. I mean, why now?