Tuesday, October 11, 2011

News: A Staff?

The zine has the beginnings of a "staff" so to speak. I am hesitant to even make such an announcement as zines are mercurial things and prone to change. However, there are enough regular faces that I feel some sort of announcement is in order.

tokidoki stationary
     The zine has been in need of consistent editors and proofreaders and I think Loviatar has finally achieved that. Cameron W., Matt L. or Alex T. will review each article for grammar, spelling and clarity. Any article that has stat blocks gets sent to Jake K. for review.

     Jay P. has generously lent the zine his artistic talents and wants to stay involved for a while. I think this is huge. His efforts should give the zine a distinct look, while the editors and proofreaders help maintain consistency within the text.

     On a final note, I have two letters up for grabs. The first is rather ranty. I am not a fan of social media, tablets nor e-readers. If you are a crotchety old troll like me, you should like this letter as I talk about the differences between the commitment to print versus .pdf. The second letter is about some ideas I have for a sandbox/hexcrawl and how I define each of those terms. Holla if you want one.


  1. I'm feeling crotchety this week - I'll take the print vs. pdf one!

  2. I think you're forgetting one of your proofreaders. :P

  3. I'll gladly grab the hexcrawly letter if it still up for grabs (lots of grab in that sentence).

  4. Hooray!

    Man, I should seriously think about establishing some kind of online presence. This hamsters and typewriters approach doesn't hold up in the face of all these flashy-looking 'blogs' ;-)

  5. As a recipient of one of Christian's recent letters, let me just say they are a pleasure to receive. :)

  6. 2e: Gah! Sorry about that.

    Jensan: It's all yours, brother. :)

    Matt: There's something to be said for typewriters, hamsters and telephones made from two tin cans with string linking them. :)

    Tenkar: Thank you, kind sir!