Monday, October 24, 2011

Loviatar No. 5 progress Report: The Lineup

The fifth issue of Loviatar is going to feature an old-fashioned hex exploration. Hmmm...perhaps that would be a "hex-ploration." The hex is a mere six miles across, but will feature enough material to drive one session at least. There will be NPCs, keyed locations, random encounters and a few more bits I hope you might like.

    The first idea is a "hex reward." If the PCs thoroughly explore the hex and discover a few mysteries, then they will "unlock" an award. In this case, a winged cat that will faithfully follow the party as they travel on to their next hexagonal adventure.

     Another idea I have is to create cards that the DM will hand out during play. The cards might represent a bonus for respecting a shrine to a god of travel. A different card can be played for a one-time role-playing benefit. For example, if the party defeats the band of outlaws near the coaching inn, they can play a "reputation card" with the next NPC they meet to earn a  favorable reaction. "Hey, I've heard of you. You defeated those mercenary deserters down near the Iron Door Inn. Of course you can sleep in my barn."

     This issue will be driven by one of my favorite rpgs, Basic D&D - the Tom Moldvay edition. TSR was - and remains - my favorite game company of all time.


  1. Got #4 Today! Good stuff.

    Can't wait to see the Basic/Hex material!

  2. I got my rpg start with the Moldvay Basic boxed set at a friend's house 3 doors down from mine. His older brother had purchased the set, and was running his friends through an adventure and let his younger brother and punk friend get in on the action.

    I vividly recall casting Web and being enthralled with the description of it... I was hooked!

  3. scott: right on! I'm glad you liked it!

    Alan: Nice! My first spell was Sleep. :)