Friday, September 16, 2011

News: No More OGL

I'm not going to publish Loviatar with the "OGL - System 3.5 Compatible" logo any longer, nor will I print the zine with a copy of the OGL on the interior cover. I published 102 issues of Iridia without an OGL, so I'm sure that Loviatar will be fine without one, too.

     During Iridia's run, a reader once asked, "Don't you have to publish a copy of the OGL with every of issue of your zine that contains D&D stat blocks?" The only answer I could muster was, "Maybe, but I'm not sure anyone cares."

     At the very least, not printing the OGL will save me ten cents per copy in publishing costs.

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  1. Savin' money...doo doo doo...savin'money...doo doo doo