Wednesday, September 14, 2011

News: A Good Problem

Mail call today was rad!
I've been studying the zine's balance sheet and comparing that to the circulation. One thing I have noticed is that my initial plan to subsidize subscriptions via single-issue sales is not working. The problem - and it's a good problem - is that instead of buying a single issue, people are jumping right in with 6 month subscriptions. Heck, some of you have signed yourselves up for year-long subscriptions.

    The result of this very nice problem is that there are not enough single issue sales to make up the money lost on subscriptions. With the zine's circulation growing more rapidly that I anticipated, I am faced with two options: restrict circulation to keep the zine's distribution limited and affordable or raise the subscription cost so that I carry less of a financial burden.

    I thought about it for a few weeks and have decided to increase the subscriptions by $2.00 from $12.00 to $14.00. I am not happy about this, but I didn't like the idea of limiting the number of subscribers either. With the fee increase, all production and mailing costs are covered and the zine is free to grow however big it wants to.


  1. Maybe now I'll feel alright about subscribing. I couldn't bring myself to pay that knowing that you lost money.

  2. $14 is still a bargain for building a printed library of very portable materials that are almost pure content.

  3. Thanks guys. I think $14 is pretty reasonable, too. I just wish it was cheaper to print and mail things, but I guess that's how it goes. :)

  4. I want a sub. Badly. But I literally have no gaming budget whatsoever. Any chance of a contest?

  5. Shoot me your mailing addy and I'll send some copies your way. :)