Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loviatar No. 4 Progress Report: One of Three

Copyright Jay Penn, 2011.
The first article for Loviatar No. 4 is in the can. The article has been written, reviewed by a proofreader, and the stat blocks have also been scrutinized. It's been laid out and all is well.

     Jay Penn, who killed it with the cover and interior illustrations for No. 3, is back for the next issue. He's going to base the cover illo off of the piece I just finished. I am very excited!

     The article is about a few of the robot companions that the enigmatic Masters have allowed the humans to keep. The Masters are attempting to use the robots as surveillance drones, but the cunning humans have cracked the cases on a few of their robots and have discovered alien tech. The Masters have countered with terrifying safeguards to deter further tampering, resulting in a tense relationship between human and robot.

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