Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Department of Corrections and Redactions: Loviatar No. 3

Abel Artone's stat block on page 24 lists a saving throw for Penalization/Poison/Death Magic. While we would all enjoy a saving throw against penalties, such as parking tickets and late fees, no such thing exists. Not even for Abel. Penalization should read Paralyzation.

     This error is my fault and not something the proofreaders had a chance to correct.


  1. Thankfully it wasn't a save vs Penilezation... Tho' come to think of it, I'd want a save vs that if it ever came up ;)

  2. Heh. Tenkar said up."

    Typos can be funny. One almost got me into trouble at work for googling Nodwick. In my haste to type, I left out the "w" you see. It did not get me the sites I wanted.

  3. That is an awesome story. :) Something similar happened to me. I tried to visit my bank's website at navyfcu.org, but instead went to navyfuc.org. I found...disturbing things.