Sunday, August 28, 2011

News: Tracking the Journey of Zines Through Time and Space

I was reading an old zine the other day (LINK) and was amazed at the zine's age and how I was able to piece together portions of its journey through time and geography. The zine originated in Salt Lake City, traveled to Delaware, eventually wound up in a library at Kent State and is now in Los Angeles. I was even able to figure out four of the people who owned it along the way.

     I thought it might be fun to track the progress of the occasional copy of Loviatar via Book Crossing allows you to release books and to track their journey via a unique code assigned to each publication. If you ever receive a copy of Loviatar with an ID code, be sure to visit and log the find. If the zine ever leaves your hands, perhaps the next owner will register it and so on. I think it could be a lot of fun to see how this plays out over the years.

     If you want your copies of the zine to come with a code you can enter to track its journeys,  let me know. 

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