Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News: Ad Space Available

Occasionally there are troublesome blank spaces in issues of Loviatar. For fun I have filled them with old ads from Dragon. However, I'd like the blank spaces to be a bit more productive by helping people get the word out regarding their publishing projects, blogs, podcasts, etc.

     Loviatar is accepting 300 dpi .jpgs that scale well to 4.5" wide x 3.5" high. Ideally, the images are not dominated by large, black areas, since the toner might rub off on the opposite page. The ads will be run for free, but trades - print or .pdf - are always appreciated. A trade is not required, however. Ad space will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

    The back cover is also available. Because it's a larger, more visible space, I'd ask for a trade of a physical product or a small PayPal donation, perhaps $5. The printable area is 4.5" wide x 7" high. Again, a 300 dpi image without large, black areas would work best.

     Loviatar is a 24 page, digest format fanzine that is published monthly. It offers content for a number of different systems. It is distributed in print. The monthly circulation is just under 50. Back issues are always available, so a single issue may reach as many as 100 readers over the course of a year.

Update: The back cover ad space has been reserved by Creative Mountain Games through issue eight. Interior ad space is still available, though. 


  1. Sweet! Send any art to christian.writes.zines@gmail.com. :)

  2. I sent you something Christian. Hope if works, I tried to make it something that would be in the same vein as your usual mapwork so as to not detract what I am sure will be an awesome issue!