Friday, August 12, 2011

Loviatar No. 3 Progress Report: Tentative Line-up

Loviatar No. 3 is shaping up as follows:

pg. 1: TOC, Notice, subscription info

pg. 2: Intro - I babble about the zine's origin, .pdfs and contributors.

pg. 3-13 : The Temple of Umberlee - a further exploration of Baldur's Gate and the colorful NPCs that help to make the campaign come alive  (Pathfinder)

pg. 14-22: A Lonely Dance on a Cold Northern Shore Part II - A look at Santa Fina's  Nosferatu-lead Circle of the Crone covenant. (Vampire: The Requiem)

pg. 23-25: Antissa Part II - The Masters hoped to uplift a pack of wolves to act as their spies, but the wolves rebelled. (GURPS)

pg. 26-28: Storming the Gates Part I - Abel Artone is dead and he's not happy about it. (Planescape - AD&D 2e)

     At 28 pages, the zine will cost more to print and mail, so a single issue will cost $3.50, but subscribers need not worry. They are locked in at the $2/month rate. Also, the move to 28 pages will not be permanent. Zines are flighty things, so the page count will no doubt fluctuate between 20 and 28 throughout the zine's run.

     Again, this is just tentative. I'll have to wait and see if 28  pages is even possible given work and family commitments.   


  1. Are you tentative because the line up sounds too good to be true?

  2. Oh gawd, I forgot to send you money! lol This meaning, I had intended to be a Lovitar subscriber. No worries, paypal's waiting for our transactions 24 hours a day.

    later, C Creel

  3. Tim: Heh. I'm just not sure if I can fit it all in. Those stupid vampires are pushy and need lots of room to talk about how sad they are.

    Chris: Not a problem. The zine eagerly awaits your pesos. :)

  4. Christian, have you thought about adding content from other authors, reviews, interviews, etc? Or are you trying to steer clear of those sort of things?

    Line up looks good to me, I very much applaud the addition of Planescape material.

  5. Hi Matt,

    You are some kind of mind-reader. I address the idea on contributors in the next issue. The short answer is no. I prefer zines that are solely the work of one person, so that you can really get a sense of the author's views, vision and style.

    Rock on,

  6. Good to see some Planescape in the lineup!

  7. Thanks, Bill. I am pushing and shoving articles around to try and make everything fit!