Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loviatar No. 3 Progress Report: Gone Surfing

Darn those land sharks!
I'm hitting the road for two, short days to see if I can't find some waves and yummy tacos. The hotel we're staying at has a balcony overlooking the ocean, so I think it will be a great place to hang out and crunch stat blocks. I have a pair of Nosferatu of the Circle of the Crone to build, as well as their Ghoul. Good times.

     Looking ahead, I am going with a rather short Pathfinder article for the October issue, so I think I may be able to fit in material for GURPS, Pathfinder, Vampire: The Requiem and Planescape in a single, 24 page issue. The only hitch is that I keep flip flopping on the main characters for the Planescape article.

     I want to write the series as an ongoing collection of adventures like I did with Iron Rations from Iridia. The problem is that I really loved those characters - Aithne, Apris, Devon and Abel - and matching them in style and feel is very hard. However, there's nothing to keep me from using those same personas. It might be a nice bridge between Iridia and Loviatar. I'll have to think on it.

    At any rate, I'll see you on Friday. Peace.


  1. Enjoy! Don't become a shark's taco!

  2. I read the title too fast and at first thought I read, gone smurfing.

    Or is it smurffing with two f's? Really, I don't know.

    Anyway - Happy Day to you.

  3. Have fun! Watch out for those frolicking water elementals!