Monday, August 22, 2011

Loviatar No. 3 Playtest Report

The third issue of Loviatar will include an article about a street gang that patrols a neighborhood in Baldur's Gate. During our session yesterday I had a chance to test the material out. My thinking is that if the content is of no use to me, why would it be of any value to a reader?

     The article will include a map of the tavern the gang members like to frequent. I had worried that the inclusion of the map was a superfluous detail. Yesterday proved  me wrong. During a fight with the gang, a few of the ruffians managed to escape. They fled back to the comfort of their watering hole. The players were very upset at the rogues and gave chase. I am so glad I had that map handy, since it helped me respond to their unexpected course of action. Needless to say, the map will remain in the article when it's published.

    The combat also allowed me to see what was right and wrong with the thugs' stats. Thanks to a Grease spell that spelled doom for three of the goons, I realized that they either needed better Dexterity scores or a Feat to help them with Reflex saves. Hand crossbows would also be a nice addition to provide the scoundrels a ranged attack.

    You will get a chance to check it all out for yourself in September. :)

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