Monday, August 1, 2011

Loviatar No. 2 Progress Report: Taking Shape

The groms and I went to the beach today. While I was floating around out there in the too-high tide wind slop, I figured a few things out about the zine. October is going to see a slight increase in the page count. The 24 pages will allow me to work three recurring series into the mix.Each issue will have Pathfinder, GURPS and WoD material.

    The first series is the ongoing Baldur's Gate material that's geared toward Pathfinder. I am having a ton of fun writing it and I hope you are finding it of use.

     The second series is going to be about Vampire: The Requiem. I am going to present a fictional city from a chronicle I ran for about a year. Each month will explore the Covenants, licks, mortals and other supernaturals that vie for power. That series will get started with the September issue.

    Finally, the October issue will see the start of a third series, which will be GURPS-based. The articles will be about a fantasy/sci-fi setting stuffed with all kinds of GURPS weirdness. I am very much looking forward to launching this one.

   Those three series should run in each issue for quite some time. Should my Pathfinder game fold, the Baldur's Gate series will cease. In its place will be a collection of articles about Planescape fueled by AD&D 2e.


  1. It'll be very likely that I will subscribe to the GURPS zine. Good luck!

  2. Damn, you're trying to get me back into GURPS, aren't you? Looking forward to all the content!

    (Letter and trade package on its way soon, BTW.)

  3. Human: Right on, thanks!

    Larkins: Looking forward to it. :)