Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Loviatar No. 2 Progress Report: Back From The Printer

I picked up Loviatar No. 2 this morning. I'll fold and staple the issues, then get them tucked into their envelopes. I am ahead of schedule and briefly considered holding onto them for another week before mailing. I'm not sure if there is a good reason for this, other than to adhere to some self-imposed schedule. If it's okay with you all, I'll start sending them out tomorrow.

     This means that those of you who subscribed in the past few days will get two issues very close to one another, but hopefully that's not a problem. As Cyclopeatron once said, "It's like drinking from a fire hose, but in a good way!"

    If I ship tomorrow - and I probably will - I'll make a post here so that people can order a single issue. I'll also make them available at eBay, Etsy, and so on. I want to get rolling on Loviatar No. 3, but I feel it's best to have an issue out in the mail so that there is not divided focus.

     Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Sounds good. Schedules are great. I love them. Hey, will you sign our copy if it's not already sealed?

    Making onion mayo to go on top of my salmon burger. Num num num.

  2. Hi Whisk,

    I am glad your migraine is gone! I will send Tim a PayPal request, but at the monthly subscription rate of two bucks instead of the single issue price. I will also scribble my name in there per your request. I will even use by bestest crayons. ;)

  3. Whoa I didn't even think of that! Signed by Christian! Not fair Whisk! :)

    I look forward to reading through these when I get back to the States. Your snapshots of the zine look great.

  4. I thought he subscribed already. Maybe he just bought the one we have now. At any rate, we'll be buying each one. So please do send that request.

    Your bestest crayon? See, now I feel special.

    Thanks Bunches!

  5. In the next post we'll be rolling on the Wheel of Fish!