Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loviatar No. 2 Progress Report: Proofreading

I finished the first article for Loviatar No. 2. The stat blocks have been crunched, which is always a chore, and Master Cylinder has taken a long nap. The article has been sent to a proofreader, so I hope that I didn't embarrass myself too badly.
    Now I have a map to draw, which I will share when I am done. The article is called "Number Three Pigeon Street." It details the home of a brewer of potions, who cohabitates with a pantsless Bard, an eavesdropping Rogue, a boarder of low moral character and an attic full of dire bats. Good times.


  1. You had me at pantsless...

    A question about the subscription though, and I thought I'd post it here since more people may be interested to hear: are you shipping international? If so, I reckon it costs more, so maybe you could add another PayPal "Buy now"-button which includes the extra expense?

  2. Hi Jensen,

    I am really enjoying that story you wrote. I've read it twice today!

    Regarding international subscriptions, I just added a new Buy Now button on the subscribe page. The subscription price works out to just 50 cents per issue more than US customers.

    Thank you for dropping by. :)

  3. Nice! And thanks for reading and enjoying my story!

    By the way, it's Jensan with an a.... ;)

  4. Doh! I'm an idiot with a capital I.

  5. Regarding the cast of Number Three Pidgeon Street, I think you just came up with a new sitcom for NBC this fall. :)