Friday, July 29, 2011

Loviatar No. 2 Progress Report: Cover

David Hamilton has lent the zine a piece of his excellent artwork. I am quite pleased!

     A decision remains as to the color of the cardstock for September. Red would be a natural choice, but that would require another expenditure for cardstock. I already purchased a packet of cardstock and have the following pastel colors to choose from: green, yellow, blue and gray.

     What do you think?

     Five pages and a few maps remain to be written/drawn for No. 2. There will be more varied content for the next issue. I am going to try and mix in a variety of fantasy/modern/sci-fi into each issue, as well as a few different systems.

     Speaking of maps, I am going to offer the original maps from each issue for sale. They will be quite cheap. I figure that a few extra bucks can help the zine. The horrible mistake I made with Scrollworks was overspending. I have promised myself that Loviatar will be a self-sustaining affair. It won't ever make a profit, but it will pay it's own way if possible.


  1. A Villains and Vigilantes ad? That looks a little out of place.

  2. All the ad space in the zine is filled with old, crusty ads from the hoary days of gaming.